A year in the life of @bentossell

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2015 has been one hell of a year. In short, I moved back from London (+ in with my parents), worked for my dad, spent spare time helping makers, launched MarketingStack.io on PH, got a job with Product Hunt.

Visited San Francisco

Visited New York

4 Products Made with a total of 4,929 Upvotes on Product Hunt

#17 Maker in terms of upvotes

50k Users and 200K+ Pageviews on MarketingStack.io

Bought an apartment

Became a Godfather (twice!)

7 Medium posts written. Approximately 16k reads.

Gained over 2000 followers on Twitter

Co-authored a book with Eric Willis (almost finished)

I wrote about my New Years Resolutions to the Product Hunt Community on Medium (@bentossell). I'm going to San Francisco again and see what else 2016 will bring!

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